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Giftgaff is the tool for making sure your friends and family get the right gifts -- and you too.

Find people you buy gifts for ... and who buy gifts for you.

It's easy to build separate wishlists for Christmas, Channuka, your birthday, a wedding or even your office Secret Santa.

Then share your wishlists with just the folks you choose, be it a family-only list or an open registry so your 300 wedding guests don't have to join GiftGaff!

P.S. Inviting friends and family to GiftGaff is easy through our email invite and facebook interface.

Add any wish from anywhere
Choose who sees your lists

Add anything you want to your wishlist(s)

Make wishlists for Christmas, Hannukah, a wedding, babyshower, or even create one for the young'uns.

Add any wish, from anywhere you want, online or off.

Share your lists. Make a family-only list or an open registry so your wedding guests don't have to join GiftGaff (although they're super welcome).

Add any wish from anywhere
Choose who sees your lists

Connect with friends & family

Invite your friends and family using email and Facebook, then tap the wisdom of the crowd.

Know what your pals want? Need help choosing for Grampa? Suggest gifts and see what your pal's friends and family have to recommend.

Easily add Facebook friends!
Suggest gifts

Reserve and remember

Reserve gifts to eliminate duplicates and generate your own shopping list.

No peeking though, GiftGaff won't show you what your friends are getting you.

Avoid duplicate gifts
Preserve the surprise

What is GiftGaff?

Erica created GiftGaff for her grandma.

It's a tool families can use together so everyone gets the right gift.

Sign up now and ...

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  • Suggest gifts and call dibs
  • Get giving ...

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Coming soon ...

Giftgaff is more than a list – it is a complete gifting tool, so we are always adding new features:

On the horizon ...

  • Copy wishes from friend’s lists to your own
  • Wedding and babyshower starter wishlists,
  • "Cool gift ideas" blog

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